Gravel Grids

What is Gravel Grid?

Gravel grid is formulated to cover the base which can act as ground support and make the area excellent to be used as a driveway and car parking. It is used beneath the gravel surfaces for excellent strength to the area. It helps to avoid the deformity of the gravel surfaces and the holes to be formed in the areas making the surface very strong. Gravel grid is made of pure recycled plastic which allows it to fulfill all the safety legislation and health issues. Being recyclable, it is environmentally friendly and does not pollute the environment in any way. This gravel grid surface is far better than any traditional tarmac or concrete driveways, etc. It is proven to be very tough, durable, and can hold up to 428 tonnes when spread on an appropriately ready surface with a properly sized aggregate of gravel.



Structure of Gravel Grid:

The modular design helps to collaborate different sections in a very fine manner even on an irregular surface. It is very handy to lay it down on the surface.The gravel grid is ideally used to give you very beating angular structures which not only make the area presentable but it also prevents the pitting of gravel areas making them free from any kind of cavities and holes. The selection of this gravel grid is excellent for use on an angular drive or path because of the different cell designs which do not allow the gravel to move to nearby areas. The passable nature of the grid enables water to pass through the structure into the sub-base below. This characteristic of passing the water to the sub-base is very ideal as it prevents the damaging effects of severe rainfall. These grids are heavy-duty grids that can be used for industrial and marketable purposes. The plastic used in the manufacturing of grids is not only recyclable but also anti-freeze and anti-heat so can be used in any season. It gives a smooth finishing to the area making it favorable for vehicles to pass on. Used at the areas where a deeper infill is needed. It helps to reinforce the ground and enables the grids not too swift from their place. These grids can withstand a large weight even in unfilled conditions. These have an exceptional interlocking system which will help to get itself maintained even in drastic conditions. This feature helps you to save your money which would otherwise be used to repair your driveway paths and to avoid a deep down flow of water. It is long-lasting as every panel is UV-resistant and can cope with harsh weather situations. It allows a simple and free flow of water maintaining the natural route of water drainage.

Complies with all the environmental and health legislation. A lightweight frame allows a very simple and handy way to install. The un-filled grid can be filled for several applications. The gravel grid acts as a reinforcement for driveways and parking lots. It gives stability and controls the migration of gravel from its place allowing it to stay at its place. It can resolve the issues of runoff of cement easily.

Types of Gravel Grids:

There are several types of gravel grids.

  1. Rolled gravel pavers are ideally used at angular places and where there is a need for installation in lengthy strips
  2. Panel gravel pavers are used on circular and curved surfaces
  3. Geo Cell product is used where there is a requirement of inexpensive solutions
  4. X-grid is very easy to install and used to serve all the applications expected of gravel grid
  5. Driveway gravel grids make the parking areas best

Uses of Gravel Grids:

 Excessive rainfall can cause flooding which in turn can damage a lot of buildings and the livelihood of many people. This gravel is then cut to a suitable size according to the layers. Finally lay the grids with the geotextile layer confronting downwards and lay the gravel over the grids in a 2 cm-deep layer to wrap up the cells, before balancing the ground with a rake. Several companies are offering gravel grids. But to select the right one will not make you regret your choice. Shed Store Direct is providing the best quality gravel grid. The gravel grid is manufactured from 100% recyclable plastic which makes the environment greener and healthy to live in. Once you select from our broad range of gravel grids, you will never repent your choice.

Ideal features include UV resistive, weather stable, thermally stable, can’t shift, easy flow of water, preventing floods, etc.

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